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Ortega's Cleaning Services is a family owned business, that offers a Variety of cleaning services. With many years of experience we are proud to say that our environmentally friendly products  provide a safe clean, so there's no need to worry about your pets or children. We take care of your home or office space with the same care as if it were our own. We leave your space spotless so that you can focus on whats really important. So why hire Ortega's Cleaning Service?

  • we are Insured and bonded
  • we are fully equipped
  • we are reliable
  • we offer great flexibility
  • we offer customized services
  • we offer 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed


Residential Cleaning


We have customized packages for every budget. No matter the size of your home, or if your interested in a one time cleaning. No job is too big, no job is too small.

Which ever your situation is we will guarantee our work and provide you with excellent service, while giving you a rate that wont break your bank$$!


Office Cleaning

  Your customer's first impression matters! Ortega's Cleaning Services specializes in main areas such as lobby's, receptions areas, conferences rooms, bathrooms, hallways, common areas ,offices and more. Let us tackle your cleaning problem so that you can focus on your customers. 

in details



  • Clean toilet, remove scum
  • Behind toilet cleaning
  • Sink cleaning
  • polish all chromes
  • Bathtub/showers cleaned
  • Glass doors 
  • Wiped downs on all cabinets
  • Mop
  • Waste removal



  • Wipe and clean counter tops
  • Wipe and clean cabinets
  • Clean Microwave inside and out
  • Sweep/vacuum all areas
  • Mop all area
  • Remove webs
  • Clean all appliances 
  • Polish all stainless steel appliances
  • Wash and clean sink's
  • Put all dishes in dishwasher
  • Empty trash & replace trash bags


Bedroom/Family room

  • Remove webs
  • Dust air vents
  • Clean/dust behind tv's
  • Move couches to clean under or behind
  • Dust all ceiling fans
  • Dust clean picture frames 
  • Clean stairs, halls
  • Mop all area's

other services

Move Out cleaning

Move Out cleaning

Move Out cleaning


 All packed up and ready to go? Whats next? Most rental or lease agreements require a soft cleaning before moving out, while others require a more thorough detailed cleaning. Leave it up to us.

Move In cleaning

Move Out cleaning

Move Out cleaning


 Moving into a new home or apartment can be very exciting. Its the beginning of a fresh start. Let us help you get of to a fresh start with a completely clean slate.

Deep Cleaning

Move Out cleaning

Party & Events Cleaning Service


 If you have your day to day cleaning under control, let us do the really dirty work. We provide deep clean services to help you reach the tough places that require more time and detail. 

Party & Events Cleaning Service

Party & Events Cleaning Service

Party & Events Cleaning Service


Planning a party is fun. But lets face it, cleaning the mess is NOT. Specially if you've had one too many drinks.Let us focus on cleaning your event afterwards. 

Laundry Service

Party & Events Cleaning Service

Laundry Service


Ask about our fluff and fold.....Laundry service includes bed linens washed and changed. Usually between 2 loads in a 2 hour service.

Office cleaning

Party & Events Cleaning Service

Laundry Service


 Just like the home, we can tailor to your needs or special requests.  Let us handle the cleaning so you can focus on whats important. Your customers!

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